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A Highly Infectious Disease Care Network in the US Healthcare System

Le, A. B., Biddinger, P. D., Smith, P. W., Herstein, J. J., Levy, D. A., Gibbs, S. G. & Lowe, J. J., Jun 2017, In : Health Security. 15, 3, p. 282-287 6 p.

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CDC’s early response to a novel viral disease, middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), September 2012–May 2014

Williams, H. A., Dunville, R. L., Gerber, S. I., Erdman, D. D., Pesik, N., Kuhar, D., Mason, K. A., Haynes, L., Rotz, L., Pierre, J. S., Poser, S., Bunga, S., Pallansch, M. A., Swerdlow, D. L., Chow, C., Cohen, N., Curns, A., Carias, C. D. S., Mott, C. D. L. H., Delaney, L. & 45 others, Farnon, E., Finelli, L., Fowlkes, A., Gastanaduy, P., Gomez, T., Guh, A., Haber, Y., Hageman, J., Hall, A., Holton, K., Ijaz, K., Jernigan, D., Jernigan, J., Kallen, A., Langley, G., Lebo, E., Leshem, E., Levy, D. A., Lippold, S., McAdams, D., McKnight, C. J., Meltzer, M., Moore, J., Ohagen, J., Patel, M., Payne, D. C., Pham, H., Rha, B., Ryan, K., Pierre, J. S., Santibanez, S., Schembri, C., Schneider, E., Schuchat, A., Schultz, M., Schweitzer, B., Seward, J., Sheedy, K., Smith, L., Sobol, J., Sotir, M., Spahr, J., Talbert, T., Beneden, C. V. & Zimmerman, C., Jun 30 2015, In : Public Health Reports. 130, 4, p. 307-317 11 p.

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Changes in beliefs identify unblinding in randomized controlled trials: A method to meet CONSORT guidelines

Rees, J. R., Wade, T. J., Levy, D. A., Colford, J. M. & Hilton, J. F., Feb 2005, In : Contemporary Clinical Trials. 26, 1, p. 25-37 13 p.

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SARS Surveillance during Emergency Public Health Response, United States, March-July 2003

Schrag, S. J., Brooks, J. T., Van Beneden, C., Parashar, U. D., Griffin, P. M., Anderson, L. J., Bellini, W. J., Benson, R. F., Erdman, D. D., Klimov, A., Ksiazek, T. G., Peret, T. C. T., Talkington, D. F., Thacker, W. L., Tondella, M. L., Sampson, J. S., Hightower, A. W., Nordenberg, D. F., Plikaytis, B. D., Khan, A. S. & 17 others, Rosenstein, N. E., Treadwell, T. A., Whitney, C. G., Fiore, A. E., Durant, T. M., Perz, J. F., Wasley, A., Feikin, D., Herndon, J. L., Bower, W. A., Kilbourn, B. W., Levy, D. A., Coronado, V. G., Buffington, J., Dykewicz, C. A., Khabbaz, R. F. & Chamberland, M. E., Feb 2004, In : Emerging infectious diseases. 10, 2, p. 185-194 10 p.

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Surveillance for waterborne-disease outbreaks associated with recreational water--United States, 2001-2002.

Yoder, J. S., Blackburn, B. G., Craun, G. F., Hill, V., Levy, D. A., Chen, N., Lee, S. H., Calderon, R. L. & Beach, M. J., Oct 22 2004, In : MMWR. Surveillance summaries : Morbidity and mortality weekly report. Surveillance summaries / CDC. 53, 8, p. 1-22 22 p.

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Surveillance for waterborne-disease outbreaks--United States, 1999-2000

Lee, S. H., Levy, D. A., Craun, G. F., Beach, M. J. & Calderon, R. L., Nov 22 2002, In : Morbidity and mortality weekly report. Surveillance summaries (Washington, D.C. : 2002). 51, 8, p. 1-47 47 p.

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Surveillance for Waterborne-Disease Outbreaks - United States, 1995-1996

Levy, D. A., Bens, M. S., Craun, G. F., Calderon, R. L. & Herwaldt, B. L., Dec 11 1998, In : Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. 47, SUPPL. 5, p. 1-20 20 p.

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