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Prospectively Isolated Tetraspanin + Neoblasts Are Adult Pluripotent Stem Cells Underlying Planaria Regeneration

Zeng, A., Li, H., Guo, L., Gao, X., McKinney, S., Wang, Y., Yu, Z., Park, J., Semerad, C., Ross, E., Cheng, L. C., Davies, E., Lei, K., Wang, W., Perera, A., Hall, K., Peak, A., Box, A. & Sánchez Alvarado, A., Jun 14 2018, In : Cell. 173, 7, p. 1593-1608.e20

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Role of the EHD Family of Endocytic Recycling Regulators for TCR Recycling and T Cell Function

Iseka, F. M., Goetz, B. T., Mushtaq, I., An, W., Cypher, L. R., Bielecki, T. A., Tom, E. C., Arya, P., Bhattacharyya, S., Storck, M. D., Semerad, C. L., Talmadge, J. E., Mosley, R. L., Band, V. & Band, H., Jan 15 2018, In : Journal of Immunology. 200, 2, p. 483-499 17 p.

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Single-cell transcriptome analysis of avian neural crest migration reveals signatures of invasion and molecular transitions

Morrison, J. A., McLennan, R., Wolfe, L. A., Gogol, M. M., Meier, S., McKinney, M. C., Teddy, J. M., Holmes, L., Semerad, C. L., Box, A. C., Li, H., Hall, K. E., Perera, A. G. & Kulesa, P. M., Dec 4 2017, In : eLife. 6, e28415.

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G-CSF potently inhibits osteoblast activity and CXCL12 mRNA expression in the bone marrow

Semerad, C. L., Christopher, M. J., Liu, F., Short, B., Simmons, P. J., Winkler, I., Levesque, J. P., Chappel, J., Ross, F. P. & Link, D. C., Nov 2005, In : Blood. 106, 9, p. 3020-3027 8 p.

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Structural and Electronic Similarity but Functional Difference in Methylmalonyl-CoA Mutase between Coenzyme B12 and the Analog 2’,5'-Dideoxyadenosylcobalamin

Calafat, A. M., Taoka, S., Puckett, J. M., Semerad, C., Yan, H., Luo, L., Chen, H., Banerjee, R. & Marzilli, L. G., Oct 1995, In : Biochemistry. 34, 43, p. 14125-14130 6 p.

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Exclusion of RNA strands from a purine motif triple helix

Semerad, C. L. & James maher, L., 1994, In : Nucleic acids research. 22, 24, p. 5321-5325 5 p.

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