• Pressler, Jana L (PI)
  • Mehta, Sudhir (PI)
  • Pritchard, William (PI)
  • Fagan, Joseph (PI)
  • Neuman, Michael (PI)
  • Moore, John (PI)
  • Philipson, Elliot H. (PI)
  • Rosen, Mortimer (PI)
  • Zuspan, Kathryn (PI)
  • Flemming, David (PI)
  • Andrews, Claire (PI)
  • Bilenker, Robert (PI)
  • Cox, Rody (PI)
  • Maguire, Michael (PI)
  • Williams, Thomas (PI)
  • Spagnuolo, Paul (PI)
  • Kuhnert, Paul M. (PI)
  • Moffett, R. Bruce (PI)
  • Wolfson, Robert N. (PI)
  • Flynn, Arthur (PI)
  • Hawk, Shellie (PI)
  • Lazarus, Ellen (PI)
  • Schenk, Christine (PI)
  • Al-Malt, Ahmed (PI)
  • Lupe, Patricia (PI)
  • Danish, Elizabeth H. (PI)
  • Webster, Sally R. (PI)
  • Groh-Wargo, Sharon (PI)
  • Kerr, Douglas (PI)
  • Jurdi-Haldeman, Dalal (PI)
  • Mc Millan, Pamela (PI)
  • Kumar, Mary (PI)
  • Subbarao, Kanta (PI)
  • Sorokin, Yoram (PI)
  • Gross, Thomas (PI)
  • Peisner, David (PI)
  • Newman, Michael R. (PI)
  • McMullin, Sharon (PI)
  • King, Katherine (PI)
  • Bilenken, Robert (PI)
  • Debanne, Sara (PI)
  • Kliegman, Robert (PI)
  • Rosenwasser, Alan (PI)
  • Schafer, Irwin (PI)
  • Ernhart, Claire B. (PI)
  • Kazzi, George (PI)
  • Rossi, Elena (PI)
  • Lysikiewicz, Andrezej (PI)
  • Chisolm, Guy (PI)
  • Grisoni, Enrique (PI)
  • Kuhnert, Betty R. (PI)
  • Danish, Robert (PI)
  • Johnson, Candice (PI)
  • Shurin, Paul (PI)
  • Ross, James (PI)
  • Kuhnett, Betty (PI)
  • Harris, John (PI)
  • Baird, Terry (PI)
  • Ennever, John (PI)
  • Dierker, Leroy (PI)
  • Edelberg, Stuart (PI)
  • Lozoff, Betsy (PI)
  • Takieddine, Fayez (PI)
  • Mann, Leon T. (PI)
  • Golden, Nancy (PI)
  • McMillan, Pamela (PI)
  • Super, Dennis (PI)
  • Reuter, Jeanette (PI)
  • Kennard, Mary (PI)
  • Andersen, H. (PI)
  • Kalhan, Satish (PI)
  • Hertz, Roger H. (PI)
  • Fisher, Charles (PI)
  • Ashmead, Graham (PI)
  • Kaetzel, David (PI)
  • Catalano, Patrick (PI)
  • Bhagwanani, Sundri (PI)
  • Robertson, Steven (PI)
  • Gretebeck, Ronda (PI)
  • Fleming, David (PI)
  • Singer, Lynn (PI)
  • Dothey, Chantal (PI)
  • Schachter, Bernice (PI)
  • Brown, Raynorda (PI)
  • Behrman, Richard (PI)
  • Sudak, Howard (PI)
  • Cherniack, Neil (PI)

Project: Research project

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The Perinatal Clinical Research Center is unique, not only in its area for
study, but also in its tripartite patient focus on mother, fetus and
infant. The Center provides shared inpatient beds, specialized study areas
(delivery suite and nursery), laboratories, outpatient services and, most
important, high trained, dedicated personnel who facilitate and support
research programs in perinatal medicine. The vitality of this research
resource is demonstrated by its continuity of personnel, high productivity,
continuing research themes, along with its new programs. Bed occupancy
constantly runs over 100%. Successful competition by Center investigators
for several continuing and new grants, including a Major Research Project
from NICHD and other grants from NICHD, NIDA, NIAAA, March of Dimes and
other sources, has been facilitated by the presence of the Center. Two new
CAP proposals have been submitted for this grant cycle. Numerous
publications have appeared in referred journals and PCRC investigators have
won several prizes for research performed in the Center. Research themes
include antenatal assessment of the fetal central nervous system, cardiac
development, amniotic fluid studies, management and metabolic concomitants
of maternal diabetes mellitus, fetal growth retardation, metabolism of
anesthetic drugs, trace element studies, and neurobehavioral developmental
effects of drugs of abuse. New study thrusts in the areas of prematurity,
including studies of treatment of preterm labor and nutrition of the
premature infant, and more complete assessment of infant outcome as
affected by changing obstetrical practices are being made. Center
personnel are cooperating with the Department of Biomedical Engineering in
developing a new Biotechnology Resource, which is being submitted for
funmding to the Division of Research Resources. Finally, as a key
component of the Medical School and Hospital, the Center provides
educational models and training for individuals who have become major
clinical investigators and serves as a resource to this Hospital, community
and region for the dissemination of state-of-the-art clinical techniques
for providing optimal perinatal care. The presence of this Center in a
large county hospital has served as a nidus for the attraction of academic
personnel into a community situation in a manner not easily duplicated.
Effective start/end date12/1/7711/30/91


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)


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