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Our previous linkage analyses have suggested that there is a major gene on
chromosome 15 which has a strong influence on reading disability. A lod
score of 3.2 at 0=0.13 has been obtained between specific reading
disability and chromosome 15 heteromorphisms. This study proposes to
continue the linkage analysis utilizing the new restriction enzyme
polymorphisms, which not only provides an independent means of verifying
this linkage, but adds capabilities beyong those of traditional markers.
The potential exists for localizing a site more tightly linked to the gene
in question so that once a linkage has been identified, heterogeneity can
be more readily detected. These unique abilities are particularly
significant in studies of complex traits such as reading disability where
genetic heterogeneity is anticipated. Identification of a gene or genes influencing reading will be of great
value in the difinition of homogeneous subgroups based on etiology, so that
meaningful assessments of specific deficits, development and prognosis, and
appropriate remediation, can be done.
Effective start/end date5/1/844/30/87


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