• Buch, Shilpa J (PI)
  • Tang, Xiaoyan (PI)
  • Schonbrunn, Ernst (PI)
  • Passarelli, A. Lorena (PI)
  • Sundaramoorthy, Munirathinam (PI)
  • Mukherjee, Amit (PI)
  • Cue, David (PI)
  • Lutkenhaus, Joseph (PI)
  • Lamb, Audrey (PI)
  • MacKay, Glenn (PI)
  • Hagedorn, Curt (PI)
  • Nicot, Christophe (PI)
  • Dutta, Apurba (PI)
  • Singh, Dinesh (PI)
  • Moro, Manuel (PI)
  • Ladokhin, Alexey (PI)
  • Holyoak, Todd (PI)
  • Hancock, Lynn (PI)
  • Yankee, Thomas M. (PI)
  • Vines, Charlotte (PI)
  • Tang, Liang (PI)
  • Fields, Patrick (PI)
  • Kim, Kee (PI)
  • Slusser, Joyce Geneine (PI)
  • Arrode, Geraldine (PI)
  • Berkland, Cory (PI)
  • Chang, Kyeong- (PI)
  • Montello, Martha (PI)
  • Jianming, Qiu (PI)
  • Hardwidge, Philip Ross (PI)
  • Gudima, Severin (PI)
  • Stephens, Edward Brice (PI)
  • Mohammad Ayoub, Mir (PI)
  • Narayan, Opendra (PI)
  • Chebloune, Yahia (PI)
  • Biswas, Indranil (PI)

Project: Research project

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DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Five years of support are requested to
create a faculty development program that will enable junior faculty involved
in research at the three PhD granting institutions in Kansas, (KU at Lawrence
and the KU School of Medicine in Kansas City, and K State University) to
become more competitive for securing NIH grant support. This will be achieved
by creation of a strong mentoring body (comprised of Dr. Narayan and other
established, NIH-funded senior faculty at the three institutions),
establishment of committees of internal and outside advisors to the COBRE
program, institutionalization of monthly seminar and data presentation
meetings, and an annual meeting dedicated to factors important in preparation
of NIH grant applications. Three cores, one administrative, and two technical
will be established to expedite the research program. The COBRE will receive
extensive institutional support in the form of FTEs, new research equipment,
and space. The research theme is centered on mechanisms inhibiting
replication of pathogenic microbes, with the long-term goal of controlling
infectious diseases important in human health. Studies will be focused on
identification of genes and gene products that have a seminal role in
microbial replication. To find inhibitors for these proteins, we will link up
with the COBRE program at KU/Lawrence to exploit resources in combinatorial
chemistry and high-throughput screens for inhibitors of the proteins in
question. We will also exploit more biological approaches using core support
with phage display and aptamer technology, which will be shared among
investigators. Further, we will establish core facilities in X-ray
crystallography and fermentation for the isolation and determination of the
3-D structures of the proteins, which will be useful for development of
potential drugs. Six junior faculty members, two of whom are experienced
X-ray crystallographers, have been selected for support for two to three
years. The projects of currently selected faculty were based on scientific
merit, potential for complementary interaction with other projects, and
potential for exploiting the core resources of both COBRE programs. Projects
of new junior faculty will be selected and awards made upon recommendation of
the internal advisory committee. A portion of the COBRE fund will be used to
enhance faculty recruitment packages.
Effective start/end date9/30/016/30/12


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)


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