Phosphorylated Form of Activated IKKbeta and Pancreatic Cancer

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Project Summary / Abstract Kinases are attractive drug targets as evidenced by the number of recent FDA approvals of kinase
inhibitors for cancer therapy. The drugs currently in the clinics are against either overexpressed kinases or
mutated kinases that are implicated in the disease. However not all druggable kinases are mutated or
overexpressed in many cases their activity altered through post-translational modifications. Others and we
have identified elevated levels of phosphorylated IKK¿ in the tumor samples compared to the normal tissues
suggesting that the diseased state of IKK¿ exists phosphorylated state. IKK¿ like other kinases is regulated by
sequential phosphorylation-dephosphorylation events. The lack of phospho-specific antibodies against the
various phosphorylated forms of IKK¿ makes defining the diseased state a challenging endeavor. In this
application we will use a novel technology NanoPro 1000 to address this issue in pancreatic tumors and cell
lines. This is an exploratory project as we seek to characterize the various post-translational modifications
associated with a disease relevant kinase. Our focus on the specific forms of IKK¿, rather than IKK¿ in general,
makes this bother novel and innovative.
Effective start/end date1/1/1412/31/16


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