• Stoltenberg, Scott F (PI)
  • Goodman, Barbara (PI)
  • Goodman, Barbara Eason (PI)
  • Clark, Timothy (PI)
  • Chaussee, Michael (PI)
  • Carlson, Debra (PI)
  • Miskimins, Robin (PI)
  • Eyster, Kathleen (PI)
  • Gabel, Mark (PI)
  • Yang, Da-Qing (PI)
  • Lamb, Charles (PI)
  • Bergmann, David (PI)
  • Biswas, Indranil (PI)
  • Miskimins, W. Keith (PI)
  • Wang, X.U.E. (PI)
  • Kost, Curtis (PI)
  • Zehfus, Michael (PI)
  • Siemens, David (PI)
  • Erkine, Alexandre M. (PI)
  • Hulkonen, David (PI)
  • Diggins-Hutcheson, Maureen (PI)
  • Smith, Brian (PI)
  • Telleria, Carlos Marcelo (PI)
  • Duffy-Matzner, Jetty (PI)
  • Wanous, Michael (PI)
  • Sarver, Shane (PI)
  • Anderson, Cynthia (PI)
  • Lushbough, Carol Marie (PI)
  • Johnson, Leland (PI)
  • Brannian, John (PI)
  • Hightower, Timothy (PI)
  • Webb, Robert (PI)
  • Schmidt-Grimminger, Delf Christian (PI)
  • Gerdes, Anthony Martin (PI)
  • Maddox, David (PI)
  • Kloster, Kaia (PI)
  • Gayle, Richard B. (PI)
  • Egland, Kristi (PI)
  • Bergey, Daniel (PI)
  • Ronan, Patrick (PI)
  • Li, Yi- (PI)
  • Cole, Anthony (PI)
  • Sandoval, Deig (PI)
  • Egland, Paul (PI)
  • Hopkins, Ruth (PI)
  • Reynoldson, Joseph (PI)
  • Gehring, Dana (PI)
  • Jennewein, Douglas (PI)
  • Perryman, B.E.N. (PI)
  • Matzner, Steven (PI)
  • Bell, Maria (PI)
  • Yunkai, Liu (PI)
  • Chun, Wu (PI)
  • Choony, Nandeo (PI)
  • Tille, Patricia (PI)
  • Munger, Karen (PI)
  • Jaggi, Meena (PI)
  • Asaithambi, Asai (PI)
  • O'Connell, Timothy Daniel (PI)
  • Wang, K.A.I. (PI)
  • Armstrong, Stephen (PI)
  • Bowers, James (PI)
  • Harris, William (PI)
  • Beaster-Jones, Laura (PI)
  • Witt, Karla (PI)
  • Manna, Adhar (PI)
  • Spellman, Garth (PI)
  • Larson, Mark (PI)
  • Yang, Da-Qing (PI)
  • McRoy, Willie (PI)
  • Eyster, Kathleen (PI)
  • Udod, L.E.O. (PI)
  • Matzner, Steven (PI)
  • Gerdes, Anthony Martin (PI)
  • Miskimins, W. Keith (PI)
  • Qvarnemark, Linda (PI)
  • Jennewein, Douglas (PI)
  • Chaussee, Michael (PI)
  • Mwangi, George (PI)
  • Birger, Chad (PI)
  • Bergmann, David (PI)
  • Dixson, Alana (PI)
  • Mays, Jared (PI)
  • Soeffing, James (PI)
  • Scholten, Shane (PI)
  • Gubbels, Jennifer (PI)
  • Chun, Wu (PI)
  • Loftus, Danielle (PI)
  • Eichler, Barrett (PI)
  • Munger, Karen (PI)
  • Watt, Michael James (PI)
  • Wang, Hongmin (PI)
  • Zhou, Ruanbao (PI)
  • Halaweish, Fathi (PI)
  • Siemens, David (PI)
  • Patrick, Brian (PI)
  • Egland, Kristi (PI)
  • Diggins-Hutcheson, Maureen (PI)
  • Petersen, Jason (PI)
  • Ronan, Patrick (PI)
  • John, Lee (PI)
  • Wang, Xuejun (PI)
  • Miskimins, Robin (PI)

Project: Research project

Project Details


DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): The PI is a cell physiologist USDSM,
with one Ph.D. graduate student every four years, no technical support, 50%
teaching responsibility, and no one else to share research equipment and ideas
with on a regular basis. Thus, it is very difficult to remain at the cutting
edge of research, without strong institutional support of research expenses
for those times in between grants, and some luck in finding fruitful
collaborations. In 1998 USDSM combined its four very independent basic
science departments into a single Division of Basic Biomedical Sciences. A
major reason was to stimulate the development of interdisciplinary research
collaborations. The organization of this division has had its intended
effect, witness the awarding of a National Institutes of Health (NIH) Center
of Biomedical Research Excellence Award in Neuroscience (CBREAN) in 2000.
This application, to create a BRIN in the area of cellular growth control,
continues the USDSM?s efforts to develop nationally competitive research
programs in focused areas. The SD-BRIN includes the USDSM, Augustana College
(AUGC), Black Hills State University (BHSU) and Sisseton/Wahpeton Community
College (SWCC), a small tribal college. Each institution has a unique mission
and student population. The goals of the SD-BRIN are to develop the research
capacity of South Dakota in the area of control of cell growth, and to develop
human resources for undergraduate and graduate programs in the biomedical
sciences in South Dakota. These goals will be met by: 1) improving the
bioinformatics/electronic communication capabilities of the network
institutions through library resource enhancement, enhanced broadband
communication, development of a SD-BRIN web site and production of BRIN
sponsored learning modules for network on-site education; and 2) recruitment
and career development of a critical mass of junior faculty, graduate and
undergraduate student researchers, and creation of proteomics and functional
genomics facilities to support research in the area of cellular growth
control. The long-term SD-BRIN goal is the development of a statewide network
of nationally competitive, independent investigators working together to study
cellular growth control.
Effective start/end date9/24/014/30/14


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)


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