A workplace farmstand pilot programme in Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Farryl M.W. Bertmann, Hollyanne E. Fricke, Leah R. Carpenter, Daniel J. Schober, Teresa M. Smith, Courtney A. Pinard, Amy L. Yaroch

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Objective To explore the feasibility of a workplace farmstand programme through the utilization of an online ordering system to build awareness for local food systems, encourage community participation, and increase local fruit and vegetable availability. Design A 4-week pilot to explore feasibility of workplace farmstand programmes through a variety of outcome measures, including survey, mode of sale, weekly sales totals and intercept interviews. Setting A large private company in Sarpy County, Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Subjects Employees of the company hosting the farmstand programme. Results Pre-programme, a majority of employees indicated that quality (95·4 %), variety (94·6 %) and cost of fruits and vegetables (86·4 %) were driving factors in their fruit and vegetable selection when shopping. The availability of locally or regionally produced fruits and vegetables was highly important (78·1 %). Participants varied in their definition of local food, with nearly half (49·2 %) reporting within 80·5 km (50 miles), followed by 160·9 km (100 miles; 29·5 %) and 321·9 km (200 miles; 12·1 %). Weekly farmstand purchases (both walk-ups and online orders) ranged from twenty-eight to thirty-nine employees, with weekly sales ranging from $US 257·95 to 436·90 for the producer. The mode of purchase changed throughout the pilot, with higher use of online ordering in the beginning and higher use of walk-up purchasing at the end. Conclusions The workplace farmstand pilot study revealed initial interest by both employees and a producer in this type of programme, helped to establish a sustained producer-employer relationship and led to additional opportunities for both the producer and employer.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2402-2406
Number of pages5
JournalPublic Health Nutrition
Issue number13
StatePublished - Oct 13 2015


  • Farmstand
  • Local food systems
  • Pilot programme
  • Sustainability

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