Addressing uncertainty

Mark Riley

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Some of the factors that will play a significant role in the evolution as a profession in the future are discussed. The society has turned remarkably technologically savvy with iPods and hybrid cars so, engineers need to educate the public and improve the understanding of the field so that technology is well accepted by the society. There is a great uncertainty in biological systems and almost impossible to predict the development of plants, animals and micro-organism. System analysis methodologies are being applied to interpret, model, and make use of enormous information of genetic engineering. The field of agriculture and biological engineers could be well-integrated into post-genomic era, thereby participating in development of commercial products. The approaches used to address the challenges of generating food, fiber, and biological products will benefit from these tools, but only when dealt by trained, enthusiastic, innovative and creative engineers.

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JournalResource: Engineering and Technology for Sustainable World
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StatePublished - Oct 2008
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