An Action-Research Project: Community Lead Poisoning Prevention

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This action-research project focused on gathering data on awareness of lead poisoning, as well as disseminating information on lead poisoning prevention in a metropolitan midwestern city. This project reflects an action-research approach to service learning and was in collaboration with a grass-roots organization. This paper outlines the daunting task of seeking this “highest level of service learning” (Porpora 1999: 121)—action research—in a medical sociology undergraduate class. Action research reflects an integration of the three main academic functions: service, teaching, and research. It requires wearing different hats, and meeting the agendas of both the academic and civic communities. This paper illustrates the process and some of the challenges in carrying out an action-research project geared toward childhood lead poisoning prevention.

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JournalTeaching Sociology
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StatePublished - Apr 2007

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