Bridging the Gender Gap in Critical Care Practice

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At the bedside of a patient in the ICU, a woman physician stands at the head of the bed preparing to intubate. Suddenly, an older male physician approaches and says, “Honey, step aside, the doctor’s here.” This scenario is not uncommon, and demonstrates the implicit gender bias that can pervade medical schools and hospitals. For a moment, imagine a work environment where your expertise is second-guessed or your academic advancement halted due to your gender, or your pay less than your male colleague to complete the same task. Women physicians are often confused for another member of the team, such as a nurse or technician or, more disconcerting, information is intentionally redirected toward a male provider who fits the more “traditional” critical care physician description.

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JournalInternational anesthesiology clinics
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StatePublished - Mar 1 2019

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