Career profile of and feedback from graduates of a midwest curriculum

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The purpose of this survey study was to create a career-activity profile of all physical therapy graduates from the University of Nebraska Medical Center (1972-1985) and to gather evaluative information for the planning of a postbaccalaureate entry-level degree program for physical therapy. A majority of the survey respondents (91%) were employed in physical therapy when the survey was made and were satisfied with their undergraduate program. A majority of the respondents resided in Nebraska or surrounding states and identified similar changes within the physical therapy profession. The results supported the hypothesis that a negative correlation would exist between the salaries of full-time physical therapists and the size of the population they serve. Graduates' recommendations to increase clinical education and student exposure to specialties were included in the University of Nebraska's postbaccalaureate physical therapy degree proposal. This graduate feedback system was helpful with physical therapy program planning to meet the identified needs of this regional area.

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