Connecting behaviors and newlyweds' sense of shared-meaning and relationship satisfaction

Erin E. Phillips, Richard J. Bischoff, Douglas A. Abbott, Yan Xia

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The relationship between connecting behaviors, shared meaning, and relationship satisfaction among newlywed couples was explored. Ninety couples were surveyed and assessed for the type and frequency of couple connecting behaviors, shared-meaning, and marital satisfaction. Eleven behaviors were found to distinguish highly satisfied couples from low/moderately satisfied couples. These behaviors were also found to positively correlate with shared meaning. Shared meaning and relationship satisfaction were significantly positively correlated. These results lend support to the hypotheses suggesting that behaviors occurring in early marriage are important to determining relationship satisfaction.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)247-263
Number of pages17
JournalJournal of Couple and Relationship Therapy
Issue number3
StatePublished - Jul 2009


  • Connecting-behaviors
  • Couple therapy
  • Daily-rituals
  • Marital-satisfaction
  • Shared-meaning

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  • Gender Studies
  • Social Psychology
  • Applied Psychology
  • Social Sciences (miscellaneous)


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