Correlation of Aberrations with Visual Symptoms Using Wavefront Analysis in Eyes after Laser in situ Keratomileusis

Maria Regina Chalita, Meng Xu, Ronald R. Krueger

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PURPOSE: To evaluate the information assessed with the Alcon LADARWave wavefront measurement device and correlate it with visual symptoms in eyes previously treated with laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK), and to analyze the influence of scotopic pupil size on visual symptoms. METHODS: One hundred and five eyes of 58 patients who underwent LASIK were evaluated. Wavefront measurements were assessed using the Alcon LADARWave device. Visual symptoms were correlated to higher order aberrations in three different pupil sizes (5 mm, 7 mm, and scotopic pupil size). Generalized estimating equations were used for statistical analysis. RESULTS: In eyes after LASIK, visual symptoms analysis showed positive correlation of double vision with total coma and with horizontal coma for the 5-mm and 7-mm pupil sizes, negative correlation between starburst and total coma for the 7-mm pupil size, positive correlation of double vision with horizontal coma, and glare and starburst with spherical aberration and with total aberrations. Scotopic pupil size had a positive association with starburst and negative association with double vision. CONCLUSION: The LADARWave wavefront measurement device is a valuable diagnostic tool in measuring ocular aberrations in eyes after LASIK. A strong correlation between visual symptoms and ocular aberrations, such as monocular diplopia with coma, and starburst and glare with spherical aberration, suggest this device is valuable in diagnosing symptomatic LASIK-induced aberrations. Horizontal coma was correlated with double vision, while vertical coma was not, demonstrating a greater sensitivity with horizontally oriented multifocality.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)S682-S686
JournalJournal of Refractive Surgery
Issue number6
StatePublished - Nov 2003
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