Diagnosing and treating common disorders of the larynx

A. J. Yonkers

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There are many types of benign pathology involving the larynx or recurrent laryngeal nerve on a local or systemic basis having hoarseness as the earliest and most apparent symptom. The degree of hoarseness does not suggest the type of illness or its ultimate prognosis. A thorough work up is required, including a detailed history and physical exam, appropriate laboratory and X ray studies, and in many situations a direct laryngoscopy with biopsy for an exact determination of the type of pathology present. The treatment will vary depending on the etiology of the pathology. Often there is a history of abuse or misuse of the larynx, so reeducation of the proper use of the larynx through speech therapy will play an important role in preventing recurrences.

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StatePublished - 1973

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