Factors associated with resident satisfaction with their continuity experience

Janet R. Serwint, Susan Feigelman, Marilyn Dumont-Driscoll, Rebecca Collins, Min Zhan, Diane Kittredge, Alan I. Meltzer, Jan Drutz, John M. Olsson, Karin Hillenbrand, Debra Bogen, Robert R. Tanz, Rachel Moon, Paul Algranti, Daniel Vijjeswarapu, William J. Riley, Lawrence Pasquinelli, Jill Mazurek, Claibourne I. Dungy, Sharon ReisenTheodore Sectish, Henry A. Schaeffer, Keith Derco, Gregory Blaschke, Theresea Heitzler, Arthur Jaffe, Beth Volin, Joseph Loprieato, Thomas M. Ball, Lisa Campbell, Susan Fiegelman, John A. Walburn, Sharon Dabrow, Michelle S. Barrat, Laura E. Feguson, Wendy Davis, Ariane May, Gale Cantor, Catherine Kelly, Brian Forsyth

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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