Formal Caregiver Burden in Nursing Homes: An Integrative Review

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Formal caregivers in nursing homes provide care to vulnerable older adults with chronic conditions. Caregiver burden affects formal caregivers. The purpose of this integrative review was to explore formal caregiver burden among nursing staff in nursing homes. Specific aims were to gain an understanding of the attributes, definitions, measures, and primary outcomes. A systematic search of CINAHL, PubMed, PsycINFO, and Embase was completed. The sample included 19 articles, which were published in English between January 1980 and April 2020. Attributes varied; however, perceived stress was frequently identified, consistent with the formal caregiver burden definition. Psychometric measures employed in the studies indicated heterogeneity. Primary outcomes included differences in burden, resident behavior, occupational and personal factors, and resident care. Research is needed to gain an understanding of this recently defined concept. Formal caregiver burden in nursing homes has emerged as a priority for research during the pandemic with new challenges and guidelines.

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JournalWestern journal of nursing research
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StatePublished - Sep 2021


  • formal caregiver burden
  • nursing homes
  • nursing staff
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