Giant cell tumor of bone. Chromosomal analysis of 48 specimens and review of the literature

Julia A. Bridge, James R. Neff, Barbara J. Mouron

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Giant cell tumor of bone (GCT) is a distinct clinical, radiographic, and pathologic benign entity that constitutes 5% of all primary bone tumors. For a 5-year period, 47 benign GCTs and 1 malignant GCT from 34 different patients were cytogenetically characterized. Analysis showed clonal karyotypic abnormalities in 16 specimens. Clonal structural abnormalities detected in more than one patient included translocations involving 11p15, fus(14p;21p), and fus(15p;21p). None of the clonal numerical abnormalities observed occurred in more than one patient. Thirty-seven of the 44 successfully analyzed specimens (84%) demonstrated telomeric fusion, with most frequent involvement of chromosomal telomeres 11p, 13p, 15p, 18p, 19p, and 21p. We also compared the presence or absence of random and/or clonal karyotypic abnormalities with clinical behavior to determine if a relationship existed. Most notably, chromosomal abnormalities were detected in all 13 successfully analyzed recurrent lesions, five of which were clonally aberrant. This study summarizes the cytogenetic findings and their relevance in 48 specimens analyzed at our institution and reviews the findings of the 18 other published cases.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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JournalCancer genetics and cytogenetics
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1992

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