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Growth-related oncogene-alpha (GROalpha) belongs to a family of chemokines that consist of small proinflammatory cytokines (approximately 8-14 kD) and structurally related molecules that regulate cell trafficking of various types of leukocytes. Chemokines are involved in migration of inflammatory cells and play fundamental roles in the development, homeostasis, and function of the immune system. They also have effects on cells of the central nervous system as well as on endothelial cells involved in angiogenesis or angiostasis. GROalpha and its receptor CXCR2 are involved in chemoattraction, neovascularization, proliferation, and migration of inflammatory cells. GROalpha is also involved in the proliferation and migration of oligodendrocyte progenitors and in the stimulation of HIV-1 replication. Kershaw and colleagues. © 2007

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