Growth of Neomucosa After Intestinal Resection

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• The growth of neomucosa over patched intestinal defects may prove useful in the short-bowel syndrome. This study was done to determine if the timing of intestinal patching with respect to intestinal resection affects neomucosal growth. Twelve dogs underwent 75% intestinal resection, with intestinal patching done either simultaneously or 12 weeks later. Energy intake, final body weight, albumin level, and length of remnant patched were similar in both groups. Forty weeks after patching, neomucosal coverage of the defect (95.2%±2.0% vs 94.2%±1.6%), neomucosal surface area (36.2±4.5 vs 31.8±2.9 cm2), and patch size (56.2%±6.8% vs 51.9%±9.7%) were similar in both the simultaneous and delayed groups, as were villus height of neomucosa and disaccharidase activity. Neomucosal growth is similar whether intestinal patching is performed simultaneously or 12 weeks after resection. Intestinal patching is not indicated at the initial intestinal resection.

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StatePublished - Mar 1987

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