HBFP: a new repository for human body fluid proteome

Dan Shao, Lan Huang, Yan Wang, Xueteng Cui, Yufei Li, Yao Wang, Qin Ma, Wei Du, Juan Cui

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Body fluid proteome has been intensively studied as a primary source for disease biomarker discovery. Using advanced proteomics technologies, early research success has resulted in increasingly accumulated proteins detected in different body fluids, among which many are promising biomarkers. However, despite a handful of small-scale and specific data resources, current research is clearly lacking effort compiling published body fluid proteins into a centralized and sustainable repository that can provide users with systematic analytic tools. In this study, we developed a new database of human body fluid proteome (HBFP) that focuses on experimentally validated proteome in 17 types of human body fluids. The current database archives 11 827 unique proteins reported by 164 scientific publications, with a maximal false discovery rate of 0.01 on both the peptide and protein levels since 2001, and enables users to query, analyze and download protein entries with respect to each body fluid. Three unique features of this new system include the following: (i) the protein annotation page includes detailed abundance information based on relative qualitative measures of peptides reported in the original references, (ii) a new score is calculated on each reported protein to indicate the discovery confidence and (iii) HBFP catalogs 7354 proteins with at least two non-nested uniquely mapping peptides of nine amino acids according to the Human Proteome Project Data Interpretation Guidelines, while the remaining 4473 proteins have more than two unique peptides without given sequence information. As an important resource for human protein secretome, we anticipate that this new HBFP database can be a powerful tool that facilitates research in clinical proteomics and biomarker discovery.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numberbaab065
StatePublished - 2021

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