Identification and characterization of a human thymus-leukemia antigen (43-kDa/513TL) bearing a structural relationship to HLA

B. C. Veit, M. Abromowitch, S. Melvin

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A human thymus-leukemia-like antigen has been identified that is antigenically distinct from T6/HTA-1. This was accomplished with a rabbit antiserum (513) which was prepared against lymphoblasts that were E rosette negative (E-), human thymus antigen positive (HuTA+), cALLA-, DR-, SmIg- from a patient who presented with a mediastinal mass and a WBC count of 130 × 109 cells/1. Following absorption with B cell and "null" cell lines, 513 exhibited prominent reactivity with a membrane antigen that was present on normal thymocytes and lymphoblasts from 11 of 13 patients with T cell ALL and 1 of 16 patients with common ALL, but was not detected on normal peripheral blood lymphocytes, normal bone marrow cells and leukemic lymphoblasts with an undifferentiated phenotype. SDS-PAGE analysis of this antigen indicated that in was composed of two subunits, 43-kDa and 12-kDa. Sequential absorption experiments revealed that: (1) the 12-kDa subunit was antigenically similar to β2, microglobulin; (2) the intact molecule did not exhibit HLA-A, B or C "framework" determinants; (3) the molecule was antigenically distinct from a human thymus-leukemia antigen HTA-1 (recognized by monoclonal antibodies NA1/34 and OKT6); and (4) the molecule was antigenically distinct from adenosine deaminase. It is concluded that 513 reacts with a membrane protein (designated 513TL) which exhibits properties characteristic of a histocompatibility-like antigen whose expression is restricted to thymocytes and some leukemias (TL antigen). Its antigenic distinction from another recently characterized human TL antigen, HTA-1, suggests polymorphism among this family of alloantigens.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)555-566
Number of pages12
JournalLeukemia Research
Issue number4
StatePublished - 1984
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  • Human thymus-leukemia antigen
  • immunoprecipitation/SDS-PAGE analysis
  • β, microglobulin-associated non-HLA

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