Improved flow uniformity of dye liquor using non-uniform package density profiles

David Karst, Yiqi Yang, Henry Boyter, Gilbert O'Neal, Dennis Balmforth

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It is generally accepted that yarn packages should be wound to a uniform density profile to obtain level dyeing. However, this research finds that certain non-uniform package density profiles give more uniform liquor flow and thus more level dyeing than does a uniform package density profile. Computational fluid dynamics was used to model dye liquor flow in package dyeing. Ten package density profiles were compared to evaluate the liquor linear velocity, percent leakage, and maximum percent difference in liquor velocity while holding constant the overall package density, flow rate, and package weight. This research found that a density profile of medium/high/low or high/medium/low in the inner/middle/outer package zones gave the most uniform dye liquor flow.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Number of pages4
Specialist publicationAATCC Review
StatePublished - Mar 2004

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