Incorporation of carbon dioxide production and transport module into a Soil-Plant-Atmosphere continuum model

Sahila Beegum, Wenguang Sun, Dennis Timlin, Zhuangji Wang, David Fleisher, Vangimalla R. Reddy, Chittaranjan Ray

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Carbon dioxide release from agricultural soils is influenced by multiple factors, including soil (soil properties, soil-microbial respiration, water content, temperature, soil diffusivity), plant (carbon assimilation, rhizosphere respiration), atmosphere (climate, atmospheric carbon dioxide), etc. Accurate estimation of the carbon dioxide (CO2) fluxes in the soil and soil respiration (CO2 flux between soil and atmosphere) requires a process-based modeling approach that accounts for the influence of all these factors. In this study, a module for CO2 production via root and microbial respiration and diffusion-based carbon dioxide transport is developed and integrated with MAIZSIM (a process-based maize crop growth model that accounts for detailed soil and atmospheric processes) based on a modularized architecture. The developed model simulates root respiration based on root mass, root age, soil water content, and temperature. Microbial respiration is based on the soil microbial processes by accounting for the carbon dynamics in the litter, humus, and organic fertilizer pools as moderated by the soil water content, temperature, microbial synthesis, humification, and decomposition of the carbon pools. Case studies presented include scenarios with different soil, climate, and carbon pools that simulated the soil respiration with an average index of agreement of 0.73 and root mean squared error of 11.4 kg carbon ha−1 between the measured and simulated soil respiration. The modular architecture used in the model development facilitates easy integration with other existing crop models and future modifications.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number116586
StatePublished - Sep 2023


  • 2DSOIL
  • Microbial respiration
  • Root respiration
  • Soil respiration

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