Innovations in telecommunications

Gwen C. Nugent

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The extension of instructional delivery beyond the confines of the traditional public school and college classroom has led to changing learning environments. Today, instruction is delivered to individuals and groups located in homes, learning centers, military bases, and places of work, as well as in typical classrooms. This diversity of learning environments, with their varying instructional delivery requirements, gives rise to a number of different systems of transmission and media of communication, each with unique characteristics and capabilities. There are transmission systems capable of reaching geographically dispersed audiences and systems more suited for dissemination to groups in close proximity. Delivery systems can also present programming targeted for individual use and for use in small to large groups. New developments have led the way for two-way instruction, promoting dialogue between an instructor and remote learner, and interactivity, which allows individualization by branching students to appropriate instructional points, depending on their sequence of responses.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2013

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