Intestinal lengthening procedures

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Surgical interventions for bowel lengthening require not only the presence of bowel dilation, but also the presence of dilation that leads to impaired enteral tolerance and thus to the inability to wean parenteral support. The overarching goals of lengthening techniques of surgical intervention are to achieve uniformity in the diameter of the intestine along its length and to maintain adequate absorptive surface to allow maximal weaning from parenteral support. This chapter will discuss the major techniques of longitudinal excisional tapering enteroplasty, serial transverse enteroplasty, and longitudinal intestinal lengthening and tapering.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2018


  • Dilated intestine
  • Longitudinal excisional tapering enteroplasty
  • Longitudinal lengthening and tapering procedure
  • Serial transverse enteroplasty

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