Is severe cardiac dysfunction a contraindication for complex combined oncotherapy of hodgkin's lymphoma? not any more

Ivan Netuka, Pavla Stepankova, Marian Urban, Jiri Maly, Ondrej Szarszoi, Zora Dorazilova, Tomas Kotulak, Jan Pirk

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Hodgkin's lymphoma is a quite frequent diagnosis, particularly in younger patients, which is normally treated effectively with combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Cardiomyopathy induced by these treatments is not uncommon and may progress to advanced-stage heart failure. Due to the cardiotoxicity of chemotherapy for Hodgkin's disease, preexisting heart failure precludes usual therapy. We present a novel strategy of hemodynamic stabilization with an implantable left ventricular assist device (LVAD) prior to radical oncotherapy for Hodgkin's lymphoma. A 33-year-old man with a short history of progressive heart failure was hospitalized due to progressive symptoms. An echocardiogram revealed a dilated left ventricle with an ejection fraction of 18%, moderate right ventricular dysfunction, and moderate to severe tricuspid regurgitation. Supradiaphragmatic-stage Hodgkin's lymphoma was also diagnosed. Due to severe cardiac dysfunction, the patient was not a candidate for the usual chemotherapy and radiotherapy prescribed for this diagnosis. After multidisciplinary consultation and consent from the patient, an LVAD was implanted with tricuspid valve repair. Additionally, affected lymph nodes from the ventral upper mediastinum were excised, and pathological analysis confirmed the lymphoma diagnosis. The patient recovered from surgery and the postoperative course was uneventful. With LVAD support and normalized hemodynamics, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for his Hodgkin's lymphoma were completed, and the patient remains in complete remission documented by positron emission tomography/computed tomography and is well one since LVAD implantation.

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Pages (from-to)320-321
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JournalASAIO Journal
Issue number3
StatePublished - May 2013
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  • Hodgkin's lymphoma
  • VAD
  • continuous-flow
  • oncotherapy

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