Latinx Adolescents’ Academic Self-Efficacy: Explaining Longitudinal Links Between Ethnic–Racial Identity and Educational Adjustment

Rayni Thomas, Lorey A. Wheeler, Melissa Y. Delgado, Rajni L. Nair, Kiera M. Coulter

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Objective: This longitudinal study had three aims: (a) to examine whether ethnic–racial identity (ERI; i.e., public regard, private regard, and centrality) was associated with academic self-efficacy and changes in educational adjustment (i.e., educational values and academic performance) among Latinx adolescents over 3 years, (b) to investigate whether academic self-efficacy would operate as a promotive mechanism in links between domains of ERI and changes in educational adjustment, and (c) to explore within-group variability by gender on the relations between domains of ERI, academic self-efficacy, and educational adjustment. Method: Data came from 329 Latinx families (i.e., middle school students and their parents) living in the Southwest U.S. Parents’ data were used from the first wave and adolescents’ (M = 13.69, SD =.56; 53% girls) data were used from three study waves. A series of structural equation models were estimated. Results: All three domains of ERI related to higher levels of academic self-efficacy. Further, public regard was associated with increased levels of educational values, whereas private regard and centrality did not associate with either indicator of educational adjustment. Results provided support for academic selfefficacy serving as a mediator of associations between private regard and centrality and educational adjustment. The results were consistent across gender. Conclusions: The findings suggest that fostering ERI is promotive of Latinx adolescents’ academic self-efficacy. Further, through academic self-efficacy, private regard and centrality support educational adjustment. ERI and academic self-efficacy may be potential targets for programming aimed to address educational disparities among Latinx adolescents.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)29-38
Number of pages10
JournalCultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2022


  • Academic self-efficacy
  • Educational values
  • Ethnic-racial identity
  • Grades
  • Latinx

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