Longitudinal assessment of anthropometric growth in high school wrestlers

Terry J. Housh, Tammy K. Evetovich, Jeffrey R. Stout, Dona J. Housh, Glen O. Johnson, Michelle C. Briese, Sharon R. Perry

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The purposes of the present longitudinal study were to examine yearly changes in anthropometric dimensions in high school wrestlers and compare them to those of national representative samples of adolescent males. Sixty-seven high school wrestlers volunteered for this study. Fifteen anthropometric dimensions (body weight, height, 7 diameters, 6 circumferences) were taken on each subject prior to 3 consecutive wrestling seasons (Years 1,2,3). There were significant (p < 0.01) differences between the wrestlers and national samples for only 13 of the 45 anthropometric comparisons. Within the wrestling sample there were increases (p < 0.01) across age for 11 of the 15 anthropometric dimensions, and each was similar in magnitude to those of the national samples. The results suggest that high school wrestling, which typically involves repeated bouts of weight cycling, does not affect anthropometric growth.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)159-162
Number of pages4
JournalJournal of strength and conditioning research
Issue number3
StatePublished - Aug 1997


  • Athletes
  • Circumferences
  • Diameters

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