Low-volume precision spray for plant pest control using profile variable rate spraying and ultrasonic detection

Yulong Nan, Huichun Zhang, Jiaqiang Zheng, Kunqi Yang, Yufeng Ge

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Spraying chemical pesticides is one of the important means to control plant pest, and the profile variable spraying is an important technology to achieve precise pesticide application. A profiling tracking control method and an improved algorithm based on CMAC-PID (Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller- Potential Induced Degradation) were proposed in the paper. The test results of the sprayer profiling tracking of the tree canopies showed that the profiling control system using the improved algorithm had significantly better dynamic tracking performance, and the overall mean tracking error was reduced by 35.0%, compared with the traditional CMAC-PID. A spray flow calculation method based on tree canopy volume and leaf area density was proposed. Outdoor testing of the profile variable spraying and conventional spraying was carried out. There was no significant difference between the two spraying methods in terms of droplet coverage, VMD (Volume Median Diameter), NMD (Number Median Diameter), spray quality parameter and relative span coefficient, as well as droplet deposition density. The spray coefficient of variation was reduced by 25.9% and 21.9% inside and outside the tree canopy, respectively. The mean value of the ground deposition coverage of the profile variable spraying and the traditional spray was 13.0% and 33.2%, respectively, indicating a significant impact on the ground droplet deposition coverage by the two spraying methods. The spray flow rate of the profile variable spraying could be decreased by 32.1% compared to the conventional spraying. Profile variable spraying would reduce the cost associated with pesticide use and environmental pollution.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number1042769
JournalFrontiers in Plant Science
StatePublished - Jan 10 2023


  • precise pesticide application
  • profile variable rate spraying
  • profiling control
  • sprayer
  • ultrasonic sensor

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  • Plant Science


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