Nebraska dental professional's procedures and opinions related to infectious diseases.

K. L. Young, B. Lange, D. Dunning

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Based on the findings of this study, the following specific strategic recommendations are offered: 1. Offer continuing education courses throughout the state at reasonable fees. The courses should emphasize recognition of AIDS related lesions and infectious diseases, aseptic techniques/infectious disease control, AIDS, Hepatitis B, and infections/antibiotics. In addition, continuing education courses in the area of medical history taking methods should be offered to teach methods of inquiring about sexual and drug-use histories. 2. Establish a state resource center for information regarding infectious diseases. This could, perhaps, be a cooperative venture with the Department of Health, the Nebraska Dental Association, and the College of Dentistry. There is a need to gather, interpret and disseminate periodic updates on infectious disease research. This venture should also focus on developing literature for practitioners with consistent information about infection control regulations and guidelines. 3. Either through continuing education courses or through the information resource center, provide instruction on realistic assessment of the risk of infectious disease transmission in dentistry. 4. Develop a public relations campaign to educate the public about infection control policies in dentistry, what is being done to protect the public. 5. A research effort should be undertaken to determine the discrepancy between self-reported infection control practices and observed infection control practices. This could be accomplished through patient and dentist surveys, interviews, and/or observations. 6. Establish a confidential HIV blood screening program for health care providers.

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JournalThe Nebraska medical journal
Issue number3
StatePublished - Mar 1991
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