Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Infants after Surgery for Congenital Heart Disease: A Comparison of Single-Ventricle vs. Two-Ventricle Physiology

Arvind Hoskoppal, Holly Roberts, John Kugler, Kim Duncan, Howard Needelman

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Introduction: The neurodevelopmental outcome of children with repaired congenital heart defect has risen in importance with improved survival. This study compares neurodevelopmental outcomes of children who had CHD with single ventricle physiology with those who had CHD with two-ventricle physiology. Patients and Methods: Participants included 112 infants discharged from the NICU between February 1999 to August 2006. The 12 infants who had a known genetic defect were excluded. Of the 100 infants 26 had single ventricle physiology and 74 had CHD with two-ventricle physiology. The children were seen in a follow-up clinic and growth parameters and standardized instruments were used to evaluate development. The referral rate to early intervention services was also compared. Results: The number of functional ventricles did not significantly differentiate growth parameters at 6-8 months of age. Early cognitive outcomes were relatively unimpaired in both the groups (single ventricle vs. two ventricle physiology). Early motor outcomes were worse in (p < 0.05) CHD with single ventricle physiology. The rate of referral for early intervention services was high in both groups compared to the average rate of referral in the state, but there was not a significant difference between the CHD groups. Conclusion: Significant differences noted on motor outcomes at the 6-8 month visit were no longer apparent in later visits. Referral to early intervention services is high in both the groups. These findings are important to those caring for infants with CHD because many of these patients may need referral for early intervention.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)90-95
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JournalCongenital Heart Disease
Issue number2
StatePublished - Mar 2010


  • Congenital Heart Disease
  • Neurodevelopmental Outcomes

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