Nurse and Provider Pain Management Education Priorities and Barriers

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Background: The purpose of this research was to describe health care nurse and providers’ pain management education priorities and barriers for pediatric cardio-thoracic surgical (CTS) patients and their caregivers. Design: This was a qualitative-descriptive study design using survey methodology. Methods: A convenience sample of 206 (CTS) health care professionals including 172 nurses, 11 advanced practice providers, and 23 physicians were invited to participate in this study. The survey was distributed through a work e-mail within a 145-bed tertiary pediatric hospital and focused on collaborative pain management educational priorities and barriers. Results: Of the 206 cardio-thoracic service health care nurses/providers surveyed, 45.6 % (N = 94) responded to the survey. The top pain management education priority for these nurses/providers included immediate postoperative pain management knowledge for the caregiver and pediatric CTS patient. The lowest priority 13.8% (N = 13) included education related to pain management needs after discharge. Of the 94 nurses/providers who responded, 31.9% (n = 30) identified the presence of timing and communication barriers in providing pain management education with caregivers and pediatric CTS patients. Aims: The aim of this research was to describe health care providers pain management education priorities and barriers for cardio-thoracic surgical (CTS) pediatric patients and their caregivers. Setting: 145-bed tertiary pediatric hospital. Participants/Subjects: Nurses, advanced practice providers [APP's], and physicians. Conclusions: Nurses and providers prioritize immediate postoperative pain management education; however, there remains a need to focus more on the outcomes of pain management education for caregivers and pediatric CTS patients after discharge.

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