Oncology clinical nurse specialists' perceptions of their influence on patient outcomes.

J. E. Smith, N. L. Waltman

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PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES: To measure and compare oncology clinical nurse specialists' (OCNSs) perceptions of patient outcomes influenced through their practice and barriers to outcome production. DESIGN: Descriptive survey. SETTING: National. SAMPLE: 104 members of the Oncology Nursing Society Clinical Nurse Specialist Special Interest Group. The average respondent was female and 38 years old, worked as an OCNS for 5 years, and spent 37 hours a week on OCNS activities. METHODS: A mailed questionnaire gathered subject demographics and perceptions of their influence on and barriers to outcome production. MAIN RESEARCH VARIABLES: OCNS perceptions of their influences on patient/family responses to care, cost of care, organizational processes, interdisciplinary/consultative processes, and research processes, as well as barriers to OCNS practice. FINDINGS: The greatest influences were perceived in the areas of patient and family responses to care and interdisciplinary processes. Correlational studies revealed significant (p < 0.05) relationships among influences on cost of care, patient/family responses to care, and interdisciplinary processes. Influences on organizational processes and time spent on staff education varied significantly according to the size of the employing institution. Lack of time and multiple job expectations frequently were encountered as barriers. CONCLUSIONS: Given appropriate time and resources to accomplish their work, OCNSs can positively affect both the quality and cost of patient outcomes. IMPLICATIONS FOR NURSING PRACTICE: This information can be used by OCNSs to enhance their practice and by nursing administrators to provide much-needed support for outcome production through advanced oncology nursing practice.

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JournalOncology nursing forum
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StatePublished - Jun 1994
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