Open source communities of competitors

Matt Germonprez, J. P. Allen, Brian Warner, Jamie Hill, Glenn McClements

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Open source communities can be deliberately designed to include competing vendors and customers. Work begins from a common base of non-differentiating technology. Staunch competitors are brought together under the auspices of a common, neutral institutional structure, creating joint interest in the widespread adoption and success of the open source project. The focus is to design the community of competitors as quickly and clearly as possible and to remove the professional skepticism that comes with competitors working collaboratively. A community of competitors follows blueprints of action to define shared technologies, community commons, and the expression of responsibilities and structures. The blueprints are focused on creating clear and open signals for potential new members and removing points of confusion that may impede community advancement. In open source communities of competitors, new works are built from the work of others; contributions are to a historical trajectory, developed from and through an open source community.

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StatePublished - Nov 2013

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