Optical properties of GaAs0.9-xNxSb0.1 alloy films studied by spectroscopic ellipsometry

N. Ben Sedrine, C. Bouhafs, M. Schubert, J. C. Harmand, R. Chtourou, V. Darakchieva

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Spectroscopic ellipsometry from 0.73 to 4.75 eV was used to study the optical properties of epitaxial GaAs0.9-xNxSb 0.1 layers with x = 0.00, 0.65, 1.06, 1.45 and 1.90%. The ellipsometric experimental spectra were fitted using a multilayer model employing the model dielectric function to describe the GaAs 0.9-xNxSb0.1 optical response. We have identified the Γ-point E0, E+, and E# transitions of GaAs0.9-xNxSb0.1 and have determined the effect of nitrogen on the respective transition energies. We have demonstrated that a lower N content can provide an equal E+-E 0 energy splitting for GaAs0.9-xNxSb 0.1 with respect to GaAs1-xNx.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2838-2842
Number of pages5
JournalThin Solid Films
Issue number9
StatePublished - Feb 28 2011


  • Dielectric function
  • III-V semiconductors
  • Optical properties

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