Outcomes of a US-Sino family medicine leadership program

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Background and objectives: The purpose of this study was to determine the outcomes of a two- week US-Sino Family Medicine Leadership Symposium for medical educators from China and how participants have integrated their learning into their teaching and practice of medicine. Methods: Teaching topics emphasized principles of family medicine, teaching methods, assessment, and curriculum development. Each cohort received a wide range of practical, didactic and hands-on learning experiences. Online surveys were distributed anonymously to participants from the 2013–2019 cohorts to assess learner opinion and learner behavior change as a result of the leadership symposium. Quantitative measures assessed their level of integration of the topics into teaching and clinical practice and their satisfaction in the areas of teaching and leadership. They were also asked to provide qualitative feedback regarding incorporation of the content into their work. Results: The survey response rate was 47.6% (39/82). Respondents stated that they incorporated topics such as basic interviewing skills and information on the patient-centered medical home into their teaching in China. The most applied clinical skills they were able to incorporate into their clinical environment in China included: Breaking Bad News, Simulations Sessions with practice, One-Minute Preceptor, and Interprofessional Education. Conclusions: Results indicate that participants have demonstrated behavior changes that have led to the incorporation of the content into teaching and clinical practice. We demonstrated effectiveness of the curriculum in cultivating the teaching and practice of family medicine. The program appears to be a positive experience that has led to embracement of the roles as trainer and leader. 100% of the participants who completed the survey felt that the program improved patient confidence in their ability as a family doctor. Future assessment on barriers to their progress as teachers and leaders in family medicine would be helpful to explore.

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JournalBMC Medical Education
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StatePublished - Dec 2022


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