Permanent-magnet properties of FePt, FePt:Fe and FePt:Co nanocomposite films

Jian Zhou, Ralph Skomski, Ming Lang Yan, David J. Sellmyer

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Thermally processed FePt/Fe and FePt/Co multilayers were prepared and the hysteresis loops of the partially textured hard-magnetic materials and its relationship to the nanostructure of the films were investigated. Single layer and multilayer thin films were prepared by magnetron sputtering, and the samples were heat treated by rapid thermal annealing. Results indicated that higher annealing temperature and longer annealing time produced higher coercivities and lowered the magnetization. The magnetic properties depended on the volume fraction of the soft phase.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)ED07
JournalDigests of the Intermag Conference
StatePublished - 2002
Event2002 IEEE International Magnetics Conference-2002 IEEE INTERMAG - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Duration: Apr 28 2002May 2 2002

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