Pharmaceutical perspectives of cancer therapeutics

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Pharmaceutical Perspectives of Cancer Therapeutics presents a comprehensive yet easy-to-follow review of the principles, current progress and state-of-the-art of cancer therapeutics. The complexity of cancer demands an integrated understanding from both cancer biology and pharmaceutical dosage forms and drug delivery in order to warrant a successful therapeutic regimen. This book combines and merges the knowledge from these two aspects. Internationally acclaimed experts with a multi-disciplinary background, including scientists and clinicians from both academia and industries have contributed to this book to bridge the following areas between basic research and clinical application, pharmaceutical drug development processes and regulatory issues, drug design and delivery, laboratory and translational experimentation, marketing and postmarketing surveillance. Main features of the book: Anticancer drug development and regulatory processes. Strategies to suppress tumor angiogenesis and metastasis, overcome mu ti-drug resistance in cancer, target telomerase and apoptosis pathways. Therapeutic approaches to employ monoclonal antibody and cancer vaccines. Introduction of new concepts such as cancer stem cells and new technologies such as nanobiotechnology, RNA interference, microRNA, and cancer cell gene profiling. Use of lipids, polymers and peptides for drug delivery and targeting to cancer cells or specific organs. Utilization of bioimaging and HIF-1 knockout animal models in cancer study. Clinical trials designs and principles.

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