Preoperative Evaluation: History

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A thorough preoperative history is an essential component of any procedure. A good history allows the interventionalist to appropriately plan the procedure and the supplies needed, anticipate potential complications, and, ultimately, perform a successful and safe intervention. The history should be taken by the physician who will perform the procedure. A pertinent history can be obtained relatively quickly and is time well spent. Meeting with the patient and performing the history allows the physician the opportunity to establish a good rapport, decrease the patient’s anxiety, and obtain critical information prior to starting the procedure. The ability to obtain pertinent history in a timely manner is critical for the interventionalist as oftentimes, the first meeting with the patient will be immediately prior to the procedure. In a short period of time, the interventionalist must determine that the appropriate procedure has been requested and that the procedure can be safely performed in each individual patient. This chapter is intended to highlight key aspects of the history that the interventional nephrologist should focus on in order to aid in performing a successful and safe procedure.

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