Reasons patients stay with a dentist.

M. A. Kelly, B. Lange, D. G. Dunning, T. E. Underhill

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The intent of the study was twofold. The primary objective was to identify the reasons why patients remain with a practitioner. The secondary objective was to explore a procedure that practitioners could employ to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the way they and their staff interact with patients. The majority of patients indicated that honesty of their dentist was the primary reason that they continued in a dental practice. Patients also cited cleanliness, professional appearance, knowledge of dentistry, gentleness, concern, and quality of work as factors that influenced their decision to stay in a dental practice. The patient survey forms used in this study were designed to be utilized by a private practitioner. The feedback obtained from the survey may be used to improve patient's perceptions and relationship with a dental practitioner.

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