Retromer Guides STxB and CD8-M6PR from Early to Recycling Endosomes, EHD1 Guides STxB from Recycling Endosome to Golgi

Jenna E. Mckenzie, Brent Raisley, Xin Zhou, Naava Naslavsky, Tomohiko Taguchi, Steve Caplan, David Sheff

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Retrograde trafficking transports proteins, lipids and toxins from the plasma membrane to the Golgi and endoplasmic reticulum (ER). To reach the Golgi, these cargos must transit the endosomal system, consisting of early endosomes (EE), recycling endosomes, late endosomes and lysosomes. All cargos pass through EE, but may take different routes to the Golgi. Retromer-dependent cargos bypass the late endosomes to reach the Golgi. We compared how two very different retromer-dependent cargos negotiate the endosomal sorting system. Shiga toxin B, bound to the external layer of the plasma membrane, and chimeric CD8-mannose-6-phosphate receptor (CI-M6PR), which is anchored via a transmembrane domain. Both appear to pass through the recycling endosome. Ablation of the recycling endosome diverted both of these cargos to an aberrant compartment and prevented them from reaching the Golgi. Once in the recycling endosome, Shiga toxin required EHD1 to traffic to the TGN, while the CI-M6PR was not significantly dependent on EHD1. Knockdown of retromer components left cargo in the EE, suggesting that it is required for retrograde exit from this compartment. This work establishes the recycling endosome as a required step in retrograde traffic of at least these two retromer-dependent cargos. Along this pathway, retromer is associated with EE to recycling endosome traffic, while EHD1 is associated with recycling endosome to TGN traffic of STxB.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1140-1159
Number of pages20
Issue number8
StatePublished - Aug 2012


  • BSC-1
  • Cation-independent mannose 6-phosphate receptor
  • EHD1
  • Early endosome
  • Endocytosis
  • Endosomes
  • Membrane traffic
  • Recycling endosome
  • Retrograde traffic
  • Retromer
  • SNX1
  • Shiga B
  • Shiga toxin
  • VPS26

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  • Molecular Biology
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  • Cell Biology


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