Sharing data while protecting privacy in citizen science

Anne Bowser, Andrea Wiggins, Lea Shanley, Jennifer Preece, Sandra Henderson

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The article discusses the importance of sharing data while protecting privacy in citizen science. TaT is concerned that personal information about participants may become available on its website. In addition, uploaded photographs may include recognizable people, depicting whom they were with and where they were. TaT could have legal problems if such images are published without proper permissions. As defined by the Office of Management and Budget, PII includes information that can distinguish an individual and information that can be linked to an individual. Federal citizen science projects can choose not to collect PII or create a database that cannot be searched by individuals' information. If they do collect PII, they must comply with the Privacy Act by providing information about users' rights and a Privacy Act Statement. The Privacy Act and FOIA dictate that datasets from projects funded by federal agencies must be cleaned of personal information before they can be released to the public.

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StatePublished - 2014
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