Superwetting and photocatalytic Ag2O/TiO2@CuC2O4 nanocomposite-coated mesh membranes for oil/water separation and soluble dye removal

Huaqiang He, Tian C. Zhang, Like Ouyang, Shaojun Yuan

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A novel oily wastewater treatment strategy of simultaneously removing insoluble oily compounds and soluble organic pollutants is highly desirable. Herein, a hierarchical Ag2O/TiO2 heterojunction-loaded CuC2O4 nanosheet-decorated copper mesh (Ag2O/TiO2@CuC2O4 CM) was rationally designed by a combination of chemical etching and solvothermal deposition methods to implement the strategy. The Ag2O/TiO2@CuC2O4 CM with hierarchical nanostructures derived from hydrophilic CuC2O4 nanosheets and belt-like Ag2O/TiO2 heterojunction was proven to exhibit superior superhydrophilicity, underwater superoleophobicity, and photocatalytic ability, which greatly improved the antipollution ability of the substrate mesh. The as-fabricated mesh with a reasonable mesh number can efficiently separate oil/water mixtures with an ultra-high flux (∼70 kL m−2 h−1) and surfactant-stabilized oil-in-water emulsions with an ultra-low residue oil content in filtrate (<60 mg L−1). More importantly, the loaded heterojunction on the CM showed a high photodegradation efficiency of about 94.1% toward soluble methylene blue and self-cleaning ability to regenerate oil-contaminated mesh within 60 min under visible light irradiation by photo-Fenton-like reaction. Besides, the favorable salt resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and stability of the CM for long-term use were also observed. Thus, this study provides a new way for the treatment of complex oily wastewater.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number100717
JournalMaterials Today Chemistry
StatePublished - Mar 2022


  • AgO/TiO heterojunction
  • CuCO nanosheets
  • Oil-in-water emulsion separation
  • Photo-Fenton-like reaction
  • Photodegradation

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