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T-cell neoplasms are a group of heterogeneous neoplasms that present a challenge in management. Accurate diagnosis and classification are necessary for proper treatment. This dilemma is exemplified by continuous upgrading of classification systems in an effort to better understand these diseases. The spectrum of management varies from observation and monitoring to prompt aggressive multimodality treatment to achieve optimal outcomes. Allogeneic transplant has been successful in a minority of cases with the possibility of cure; however this approach is still largely experimental. Molecular studies such as gene expression profiling are expected to offer exciting insight into the biology of these diseases. Novel therapeutic approaches continue to be explored, however will probably require larger clinical trials to establish their utility over the current standard.

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JournalCancer Letters
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StatePublished - Aug 8 2007


  • NK-cell
  • Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
  • T-cell

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