The aicardi syndrome: Report of 4 cases and review of the literature

John M. Bertoni, Siegrun von Loh, Richard J. Allen

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The findings in 4 cases of Aicardi syndrome (female infants with mental retardation, seizures, characteristic eye lesions, agenesis of the corpus callosum, vertebral anomalies, and abnormal but nondiagnostic electroencephalographic patterns) are compared to 39 previously reported cases. Available information suggests tha the syndrome results from an unknown intrauterine insult occurring no later than the first trimester. No familial cases have been reported, and the cause remains unknown.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)475-482
Number of pages8
JournalAnnals of Neurology
Issue number5
StatePublished - May 1979
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