The education avenue of the clinical learning environment: A pragmatic approach

Ming Ka Chan, Linda Snell, Ingrid Philibert

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Aim: This perspective is part of a series of articles that are outcomes of a consensus conference, that seek to offer a comprehensive examination of the clinical learning environment (CLE), using different academic disciplines and areas of focus termed “avenues.” The education dimensions of the CLE are discussed in detail in this perspective, along with critical linkages to the other avenues. Methods: Using iterative presentations, discussion and small group work, in October 2018, the consensus conference participants explored the education, psychological, sociocultural, diversity and inclusion, digital and architectural aspects of the CLE. Results: The education avenue of the CLE includes elements of teaching and learning such as the curriculum, clinical experiences, the assessment system, educational program governance, trainee selection, faculty development, and program evaluation and improvement. Within the educational domain, we focus on organizational and personal/social aspects of the CLE, including (1) curriculum design and deployment, including placement of trainees in clinical settings, organizational culture, practices and policies, and accreditation and regulatory requirements from the organizational domain (2) the education system, including assessment, program evaluation and organization and governance; and (3) elements from the personal and social domains, including peer-to-peer, trainee-faculty, and trainee-patient relationships that influence how and what postgraduate trainees learn, trainee selection, informal and hidden curricula, and trainees’ perceptions of their learning environment. Conclusions: We provide suggestions for further research and recommendations for addressing challenges and facilitating improvement in the educational aspects of the CLE, along with actionable practice points.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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JournalMedical teacher
Issue number4
StatePublished - Apr 3 2019
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