The history and evolution of Eco-city and green community

Zhenghong Tang, Ting Wei

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This section illustrates the evolution of eco-city and green community. It first provides an overview of major planning theories and planning history to highlight research relating to the concept of eco-city and green community and present the definition of eco-city and its derivation. Although there is not a concrete definition of the terms "eco-city" or "green community", it still represents the goal-a direction for sustainable city development. The section then explores the historical development of the eco-city and green community. Major planning theories and historical achievements have laid the groundwork for sustainable urban form models. Understanding particular historical themes-which continue to be echoed today-is important in order to understand how cities and communities can become more sustainable in the future. Based on the historical overview and theoretical discussion, we have also reviewed urban models that can provide insights for eco-city and green community development. It continues to question the proper eco-city models, compares different physical urban forms models and classifies the qualities of the eco-city system model. This section offers insights into physical models which may be more sustainable for urban ecology, land conservation, and transport. In so doing, the linear metabolism city model, the compact city model, the macro-structure of alternative city models, and dense city models are explored. After comparing and contrasting these models, the dense city model was determined to be the appropriate model in many aspects. The concept of eco-city and green community dispels the widely held view that sustainable urban development is a key step for achieving long-term global sustainability.

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Title of host publicationEco-City and Green Community
Subtitle of host publicationThe Evolution of Planning Theory and Practice
PublisherNova Science Publishers, Inc.
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StatePublished - Feb 2011

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