The Research Forum for MPH students

Rosa Gofin

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Over the years, the experience with the Research Forum has shown that the framework is effective in providing the time frame and the academic support for the preparation of the proposals. It provides the students with an additional opportunity for the integration of knowledge gained during the MPH core and elective courses and for developing skills in writing and appraising a proposal or an essay on a public health issue. For the faculty it is another instance in which methodological issues are stressed, public health themes are discussed, and a systematic approach is emphasized. This process helps the students to achieve high academic levels for their proposals, and the final theses or papers are enhanced. This is evidenced by the fact that many of these works are also published in peer-reviewed journals, a sample of which is shown in the references (1-7). Students from Countries of Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States have the opportunity to apply to the Soros Foundation Open Society Institute (OSI) for projects on their return to their home institution, which may include a continuation of their research project or master's paper topic. This project is to be carried out during the first year of their return home with financial support up to $5,000. These projects have been presented to Braun SPH faculty at summer seminars held in Russia in 2001 and 2002.

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JournalPublic Health Reviews
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