The WISC-IV integrated

George McCloskey, Art Maerlender

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The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fourth Edition (WISC-IV) Integrated represents a combination of the revision and re-standardization of the WISC-III contents with updated and re-standardized process assessment tasks and procedures drawn from the WISC-III as a Process Instrument (PI). The WISC-IV Integrated incorporates the core and supplemental subtests along with 12 additional Process Approach Subtests and multiple process approach procedures for enhancing the collection of clinically relevant information from the performance of selected subtests. Combination of the WISC-III revision and WISC-III PI revision into the WISC-IV Integrated provides clinicians with a comprehensive set of flexible tools for characterizing in greater detail a child's cognitive strengths and weaknesses. The conceptual basis for the WISC-IV Integrated grew out of the belief that the clinical utility of intellectual assessment procedures lies in their ability to accurately characterize the cognitive strengths and weaknesses of a child in order to better understand how to provide meaningful instruction for that child. With plans for the revision of the WISC-III PI to progress in tandem with the revision of the WISC-III, the integration of the process approach components of the WISC-PI into the overall framework of the WISC-IV (to form the WISC-IV Integrated) was deemed the most sensible means of enhancing the clinical utility of the WISC-IV.

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